What Is Algorithm? | Know How to Rank High?

Do you also have the question that What is an Algorithm? What is its meaning?

Once my friend asked me that man, one gets to hear repeatedly that YouTube has changed something in
its algorithm or it is also heard that the search result which is seen on Google is all of the algorithms It Is

What is Algorithm?

If you want to understand this, then for this, first of all, tell me that whenever you get caught in some
kind of problem, what do you do? To solve the problem, you adopt different methods, that is, we find a
pattern or method.

For example, if a problem has to be solved in the technology world, then for that you will have to create
a method so that whenever that type of problem comes, you can easily solve it.
Similarly, when software or website comes into the world, a formula is created to solve a particular
problem and the same formula or method is called an algorithm.

Example of Algorithm?

If you take the example of Google, whenever you search on Google about anything, then you show only
10 results on the first page, it does not mean that there will be only 10 results or 10 websites in the
entire internet world.

For example, if you search on Google related to health or anything related to the website, then the
name of millions of websites will appear in the list, but on the first page, only a list of 10 websites will be
shown, in such a way, you should think one thing yourself, how will Google decide Which website is to
be placed in the top 10 list and the top 10 also, who will be placed first and second third or fourth fifth?

For this, Google created its own formula, which is called an algorithm, meaning that according to its
algorithm, Google shows the list of the website which it finds correct and tells you one thing that
Google shows the website in its result. To do more than 200 parameters means that keeping in mind
more than 200 points, only the link of the website shows in the top 10.

Google Algorithm Update

Friends, from time to time, Google keeps changing in its algorithm, the reason is that after every update,
the website owner wants to bypass its algorithm in some way or the other to keep his website on top
while Google’s concept is that If you want to show the best result on your search results, then now think
to yourself that when someone with a website comes in the top 10 from a trick, then why should people
search on Google?

What is Algorithm
What is Algorithm

After all, why is Google called the world’s number 1 search engine? The reason for this is that as many
people search on Google, it shows the results according to everyone’s personal needs, and in that its
algorithm is amazing.

YouTube Algorithm 2020

What is YouTube Algorithm – YouTube is the second search engine and first video sharing platform in the
world, where people give the most time and since the revolution of the internet world and jio came in
India, people love watching videos. In such a situation, the number of video creators is also very much
and pays full attention to the SEO of their videos.

Youtube Algorithm update

When you do YouTube Video SEO, the creator wants that his video should also be at the top of the
search results, like my own video when you search more on YouTube related to blogging or search
anything, then my video will also come in the top category. Because I have done the SEO of my video
well, then imagine how many creators will be doing the same.

Therefore, YouTube has also become sensible and keeps changing its algorithm secretly Time to Time,
this time will change again in YouTube Algorithm 2020, for this, it is very important to keep all people
This information means that you know what Algorithm is, how it will be commented, and will definitely
Share it with your friends.


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