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What Is a Firewall? | Fully Explained With Example

What is a firewall

If you want to know about what is a firewall, then you have come to the right place because in this
the post you will learn with example and understand it well, which will help you a lot in the future.

What is a Firewall?

As the name itself suggests, it is a wall of meaning, a wall with a gate to cross and a watchman
is sitting on that gate.


Now you will say what story are you telling? Come directly to the issue, but as I have
already told you, with the help of an example, I will explain that after all What is a Firewall and
why the firewall is very important for all of us.

Friends, if you have your own house or an office, then the world inside and outside of that office is different as if you take an example of the office, then tell me, is the atmosphere inside the office outside? Or what is outside is inside? No Because there is a lot of important work or file inside the office and all of them remain absolutely secure.

If someone enters your secure room inside and, in the office, too? In such a situation, you will say the same thing that when someone enters the secure room, then they can steal all the information or can cause a lot of damage.

What is the Use of Firewall?

Now to keep your office safe, you will place a watchman at the gate of your office, whose job is to keep a strong watch on the in and out and if you get a little bit inking then you will not come in from the outside and in.

I will not let you go out of it, meaning that the security should be very tight, if this happens then how much fun will it be? The same thing happens in the computer world, a lot of people keep asking me often why should the firewall be installed on the computer? After all this What is a Firewall?

What is the use of firewall

Now the firewall does that after installing in your computer, making your internet connection absolutely secure and keeping an eye on the entire traffic, whenever the software tries to connect to the outside world, it will monitor it and The outside world means that if you try to connect your computer to another computer on the Internet, then it also monitors it.

If the firewall will feel that someone is trying to enter your computer in the wrong way with the help of the internet then it will alert you and similarly if any software installed in your computer can connect to the internet without permission. If you try, then you will make the news.

As I have already told you that it is a security tool whose job is to fully monitor the internal and external network connections of your computer.

You can also control your software with the help of which software will be connected to the internet and which will not be the meaning that as soon as you install a firewall then you will
have complete control of all the software.

Even, you can also decide which IP address or which website will be connected or which block will mean that the entire control is complete, is it cool?

I tell you the truth, once you are taught how to use a firewall properly, then what will be fun! Firewall Internet Speed I tell my own experience that since I learned how to use a firewall properly, the speed of my internet has also increased a lot because the internet was the most useless software that everyone had in the background. Stopped everything, so that the speed is not shared anywhere and then the fun that should come in running the internet is coming.

What is a firewall

Best Firewall Software

I have prepared a list of some firewall software for you, which will make it easier for you to choose the firewall and which firewall you liked will be told in the comment because if you tell, then I will write more new things for you from here and the list too. I will prepare it.
Huawei Next-generation Firewalls
CISCO Firewall
Avast End Point
Azure Firewall
Fortinet firewall
ZoneAlarm by Check Point (Free Firewall)
Friends, now you must have understood the concept Please feel free to share this information.


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