This is how you can do airtel to jio port

Airtel to Jio port: It is very annoying when your call disconnects many times because of bad network connectivity. Also, a bad internet connection may annoy you. Also, it seems a little unfair if you are paying a decent amount of tariffs.
In this case, many customers prefer to port their SIM to another popular network with good connectivity. Jio is currently the most preferred network and offers great service.

Many subscribers now prefer to move from other popular networks to jio. It seems like an upward trend.
But now the question arises, how to port to jio?

Porting is a process that helps you to move from one network to another while retaining your existing number. As the porting procedure completes successfully, your existing number will come under the new network.

Airtel to Jio port
Airtel to Jio port

How we can do Airtel to Jio port?

We can port using the following steps:

1. If you have planned to port your number from Airtel to Jio, then you should send an SMS to 1900 from your Airtel number. You should send the message <PORT> <SPACE> <YOUR 10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER> from the number you wish to port.

2. As you send the message, you will receive an SMS from the existing network. Your network provider will send you the expiry date along with the UPC (Universal Product Code).

3. After this, you should visit the play store or App store and install the My Jio App. Now you should open this app and then generate a Jio Coupon code.

4. After this, you will need to visit any Digital/ Reliance Jio/ DX mini retail store near you. While visiting any of these, you should carry your smartphone, UPC, and Jio coupon code.

5. Now the next thing you need is an address proof like Aadhaar card. In case, your Aadhar card lacks your local address. Then you should carry any other address proof that has your local address. Along with the identity card, you should also carry two passport size photographs.

6. After your request, the person at the reliance or Jio store will start the eKYC process and will activate your Jio connection.

7. Airtel Postpaid subscriber needs to settle all the outstanding dues with Airtel before you begin the process to port your Airtel number.

8. After this, your Airtel number will port to Jio after seven working days. In between, you can use your Airtel service without any interruptions.

9. As your porting procedure completes, you will receive a message that informs you that you will be covered by the new network.

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How many days will it take to port from Airtel to Jio?

After beginning your process to port your Airtel number to Jio, it will take around seven working days. After seven days, you will receive a message informing you that now your number comes under the Jio network. Until completing of porting, you can use the Airtel service without any interruption.

How much does it cost to port from Airtel to Jio?

You will get multiple bestselling Jio plans that you will be able to avail by porting your SIM to Jio. With Jio, you can get a great monthly plan starting at Just Rs. 98.

You can also choose plans offering Data of 1.5GB per day starting at just Rs. 198.
Currently, Telcos don’t charge costumers for porting. But they are charging them for the SMS which they send to generate a porting code.

Does Jio charge to port from Airtel to Jio?

No there is no fee to port your SIM to Jio SIM. As your porting procedure completes, your SIM will start showing the JIO network.
After this, you will need to recharge your SIM with a suitable plan for continuous working like data and voice calls.

Is Jio Prime membership compulsory?

Yes, you need to pay Jio Prime membership. Those who have ported their Airtel SIM to Jio have to pay for Prime membership.  After porting, you will need to recharge your number with Jio Plan and jio Prime membership.
But in case, you use your Jio SIM in JIO phone, then you will don’t need to pay for membership.

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