SBI collect: Things that you must know about it

Are you a regular corporate payer of fees, taxes, and other payments than this is for you? we have explained in detail how you can pay through SBI collect. Isn’t it will be awesome to make the payment of school fees or the taxes without standing in the queue, also how superb it will be if we don’t have to leave our home as well?

Yes, the State Bank of India has this facility of making corporate payments online through its Corporate Internet Banking (CINB) portal called SBI Collect.

Now, what is this SBI Collect?

It is a medium through which the Corporate Institutions can receive payments from their customers online without having any website of their own.

Before going further, we have to note the below points:
• The Institutions should have a bank account with any bank for using this facility.
• The Institution needs to be registered with SBI online as CINB for receiving payment through SBI Collect.

Types of payment listed below:

  1. Collection for goods and services supplied by Firms/Corporates/Institutions.
  2. Fee collection by Educational Institutions.
  3. Collection of dues by Government/Quasi-Government Bodies.
  4. Local taxes like water tax, house tax, electricity bill, etc. by Semi Govt. bodies.
  5. Collection of Recruitment fee.
  6. Donations to Charitable Institutions/Religious Institutions.

I hope the concept of SBI Collect has somewhat cleared from the above information.

After getting some idea on the payment portal next question comes as to how to make payment through SBI Collect?

Steps to be followed for making the payment through SBI Collect:

  1.  Open your browser go to the website:
  2.  Click on the SBI Collect Tab from the menu.
  3. Tick the box for accepting terms and conditions before clicking the proceed button.
  4. Next, we have to select the state in which the institution is located SBI Collect can be used for payment in any state as such fill in the details as per payment requirement.
  5. Then the type of institution also needs to select from the available categories before pressing “GO”.
  6. Once the Institutions Type is selected a list of registered Institutions under the selected head will appear, choose the correct one for payment.
  7. Now, select the “payment category” which has been decided by the Corporation/Institute.
  8. Key in the needed details as per the type of payment category selected. (each payment category needs a different set of details)
  9. Please make sure of all the details before clicking the submit button for the next step.
  10. Once the payment form is submitted a page with all the filled details will appear for Confirmation. (We will not be able to use the back button for editing, if anything is not correct please start with a new request from the beginning).
  11. We can choose from the various methods of payment from the list provided (MOPS is explained in detail below).


The screenshot is for the Cash method of payment where the payer needs to take the print out of the form and submit cash in any of the SBI Branches. This option is for the payers who don’t have an account in any Bank.

• Done with the payment a receipt with transaction number will be generated which can be downloaded or printed out for future reference.

As mentioned, please find the different methods of payment available in SBI Collect

To make the product broad-based, the following options of payment have been made available on the Multi Option

  1. Payment System (MOPS) page:
  2. Internet banking platform of SBI
  3. State Bank ATM cum Debit Card.
  4. By Cash/Cheque at SBI Branches.
  5. Another Bank’s Debit card.
  6. Credit Card.
  7. Internet Banking of other banks (including SBI’s Associate Banks).

Reviewing Payment History in SBI Collect

We can also check our earlier payment made from the same page on SBI Collect under the tab “Payment History”.

The history of a transaction can be reviewed through different details we have.
• DU Number or the Transaction Number
• Personal Details (as Birthdate, Mobile Number, etc.)

Hope this information has helped you understand more about SBI Collect.

If still, you have some doubts we have a bonus point for you to get more help on the topic.
And also, always use any online payment portal with the utmost care and always avoid sharing any kind of personal information (as Account number, Aadhaar Card number) which is not required for the transaction.

SBI Collect Customer Care

Some of the things which you have not understood or want to clarify your doubt for this SBI may have been provided Toll-free numbers for helping their customers.
SBI Collect Customer Care number then, you can dial any of the SBI Collect Customer care toll-free numbers on your mobile phone by just opening a dial pad.

  1. Toll-free number: 1800 11 2211
  2. Toll-free number: 1800 425 3800
  3. Toll number: 080-26599990

The above is the Customer Care number through which you can contact them. Also, you can directly go to the SBI nearest branch where you can resolve your queries
Additionally, you can find more details on SBI Collect for registering as CINB and also how payments can be made from one CINB customer to other CINB customers on their website.

SBI Collect:

Thank you and Enjoy a safe Paying!!!

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