Pubg vs FreeFire: Which one is better ?

    Pubg vs Freefire

    These are the 8 most important comparison of Pubg vs Freefire.

    1. The Pubg has the biggest count of players comparing to the Freefire.

    2. Pubg has the greatest graphics quality comparing to Free fire.

    3. In Pubg need to survive and play up to 30minutes per match in arcade mode, But in Free fire, 10minutes will be the gaming time to survive to win.

    4.  Pubg needs 1.6 GB data for downloading the file, But Freefire needs 534MB for downloading.

    5. For playing Pubg without game struck you need mobile at least 4GB ram capacity, But you can play Freefire smoothly even on 2GB and 3GB ram capacity mobiles also.

    6. Pubg once game update requiring data is around 1.5GB, But in Freefire you need around 500MB to update the game.

    7. You will get good quality visual experience on Pubg when you get compared to Freefire.

    8. Pubg has 100Million+ downloads on Google play store and Freefire has 500Million+ downloads on Google play store.

    Basic details about Pubg vs FreeFire

    Pubg vs FreeFire

    Pubg vs FreeFire

    The Pubg is officially designed for smartphone users. You can play anywhere, anytime at your convenience. The Pubg mobile version delivering the most intense free to get play with a multiplayer option on Smartphones. There is a drop-in, drop out and complete. You have to get survive from 100 players in the classic battles, payload
    mode, and fast-paced 4vs4 team deadly match and there is also zombie modes available. Survival is an important key and one man standing will win the match and get chicken dinner. When the duty call, the fire at will! Pubg is the 2018 mobile game of the year- Pubg got the golden joystick award best game, the fan-favourite game and the most
    competitive game on the Google play 2018 awards. You can join gaming with friends by invite links via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

    Free on the Mobiles:

    Pubg is powered by the unreal engine 4. The playing console-quality gaming on the go.
    It delivers the HD graphics of Jaw-dropping and with 3D sound effects. There are
    featured customizing mobile controls, a Training mode for new players, Voice chat and
    text chat with team members. You can feel the most smooth control experience and
    realistic ballistics and the weapon handling behavior in the mobile.

    Massive-Battle maps:

    From the Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, The compete on these enormous and
    the detailed battleground gets varied in the size, terrain, Day and night cycles, and the
    dynamic weather, It is from the urban city spaces to the Frozen Tundra, To the dense
    jungle, Master each battlegrounds secrets that to create by your strategic approach to
    get the win.

    The depth and variety:

    The 100-players classic mode, There is the exhilarating payload mode to get the
    lightning-fast arcade and 4vs4 teaming deathmatching modes, as well to the intense
    zombie modes. There are 3 modes for playing, they are solo, duo, and 4-player
    matching squads. The firing of your weapon to your heart content! You will be a lonely
    wolf soldier or playing with the clan and answer the duty calls when they need loots or
    to get revived. (FPS) is a First-person shooter and (TPS) is Third-person shooter play,
    and there is a lot of vehicles in different categories like jeep, car, gypsy, and bikes in the

    game and an arsenal of realistic weapons. You need to find your perfect riding and the
    pieces to cruise towards the final circle.

    The Always Growing:

    There are daily events and challenges to complete for rewards and level up. They will
    give monthly updates to launch the new gaming features and the new modes that keep
    Pubg Mobile always gets growing and expanding. From our powerful and serious anti-
    cheating mechanisms to ensure a fair and balancing gaming environments where
    everyone will play by the rules.

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    Free fire:

    Free fire is the 10 minutes surviving shooting game. This game is the ultimate survival
    game available on smartphones. For every, 10minutes the game places you on a
    remote island that where you are pit against to 49 other players, everyone will be
    seeking to survive. Players can easily choose their starting point from their parachute
    and should aim to stay safe in the zone as long as possible. You can drive the vehicles
    to explore the vast map, can hide in the trenches and also become invisible by proning
    under the grass. The ambush, sniping, surviving are the only goal to get survived and
    answer the call of duty.

    Survival shooter from its original form:

    You should search for the weapons, to stay safe in the playing zone, loot your
    opponents and become the last man standing. That’s along the way, Go for the
    legendary airdrops while avoiding the air striking to gain that small edge against other

    10-minutes, 50-players, Epic survival Goodness:

    This is fast and lite gameplaying, within the 10minutes, a new survivor will emerge.
    Then you will go beyond to the call of duty and be the one under the shine lite?

    4-man squads within gaming chat voice communications:

    You need to create a squad of up to 4-players and establish communications with
    your squad at the first moments. Then answer the call of duty and lead your friends to
    get the victory and be the last team standing on the apex.

    Clashing squad:

    The fast-paced 4vs4 gaming mode is now available 24*7. To manage your economy,
    the weapon purchasing and defeating the opponent squad.

    The Realistic and smooth graphics visuals:

    It very easy to use controls and the smooth graphics quality promises the best surviving
    experience you find on the mobile to help you immortalize your name among the

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