Olymp Trade – Is this a right platform for you?

We come across so many methods of earning money online on google. However it is not that easy or as simple as it sounds, it usually requires some advanced skills or investment in ads, etc,. There are still a few of that are practical options to make money with lesser investment. Who doesn’t want to make money faster? Who denied easy money? If you are a person who is looking for something that helps you earn money faster and in a legitimate way. Then Olymp Trade could be the one to look for.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that allows its investor to trade with commodities, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, and other assets that can be traded. There is also a mobile app that is optimized for both iOS and Android devices. Olymp Trade allows its investors to earn up to 90 percent of profit even with a minimum investment of just $1.

Olymp Trade was established in 2014 with Andreas A as its CEO and is owned by Smartex International Ltd, an offshore company headquartered at St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Olymp trade

How to use Olymp Trade?

  • The first step is to install the app through the play store for Android devices and app stores for iOS devices.
  • Register with Olymp Trade giving your details.
  • Deposit a minimum of US$10 in the account, this is the minimum amount that has to be deposited in order to start binary trading.
  • In order to trade, the minimum amount required is just $1 and it may help you to earn up to 80 percent of the profit on investment through a normal account and up to 90 percent of the profit on investment through a VIP account.
  • Choose an asset you want to trade with (you will have more than 60 types of assets to choose from) and indicate the expiration date and trade amount. This is the time when you will close.
  • Then predict the rise and fall of the asset during the specific time period. You can earn up to 90 percent of the net profit over your investment.
  • The amount can be withdrawn through credit cards, e-money, e-wallets, bitcoin e-wallets, or Neteller.
  • Once you place the withdrawal request, it takes about a day for a normal account and it takes only a few hours for VIP accounts.

Why choose Olymp Trade?

  1. The procedure is less complicated. Olymp trade is the best online trading platform for binary trading and the best app for beginners in trading.
  2. The platform has a wide array of assets to choose from like cryptocurrency, commodities, currency pairs, stocks, and indexes to choose from.
  3. They do not charge any commission. All the profit you make is yours to withdraw.
  4. They also have the facility of using a demo account for newcomers/beginners. It helps the beginners in trading to apply their learning and practice with virtual money by investing and understand practically how it all works. Once they are confident enough, they can go for a real account with them and start trading with actual money. This will help avoid rookie mistakes in trading.
  5. They also provide a learning experience for traders by providing them a platform to communicate with brokers and learn the methods involved in Olymp Trade. There are learning materials available on their official Facebook page.
  6. You do not need a lot of skills to earn money on the Olymp trade. All you need to do is, do some research on the market about a particular asset and be able to predict whether the price rises or falls.

Now that we know what is Olymp Trade and whether it is the right platform for you. Let us now look at some of the frequently asked questions on it.

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Is it safe?

It is an online platform and as per the regulations, in the event of fraud on the part of the broker, you can claim up to $20,000 as compensation. They are also not after the commission as they charge zero commission. So considering these two aspects, Olymp Trade is pretty safe however if you are an Indian, in case of fraud, the government will not be able to help you as Olymp trade does not fall under SEBI or RBI.

Is it legal in India?

Trading commodities, stocks, indexes are not illegal in India. Hence trading through these online platforms is also technically not illegal. However, if there is a fraud and you are trouble, the Indian government will take no part in it to help you as an Olymp trade is not registered with SEBI or RBI. Also trading on pairs other than what is defined by RBI is illegal under the FEMA Act.

Is Olymp Trade capable of making you rich?

I’d say the only person capable of making you rich is yourself. Olymp Trade is only a platform for trading but it is your predictions that earn or lose money. So research well, keep your risk level low, and trade responsibly.

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