Must know about SBI global international debit card

SBI global international debit card: You can enjoy the convenience of cashless shopping by using SBI global International debit card and you can also earn freedom rewards points from your purchases. By using your SBI international debit card you will get access to your account Whenever and wherever you need.

You can use it for purchasing goods at the merchant’s establishments, For making the online payments and With-draw cash in India as well as around the world. The SBI global debit card will come with the EMV chich which is providing additional security.

SBI global international debit card
SBI global international debit card

The SBI global international debit card is the entry-level debit card with the decent reward benefits and the transaction limits. This card also available for housewives and students alike as along they should have an SBI bank account.

You can get access by using SBI global international debit card in over six lakh merchants outlets in India, In addition to over the 30 million globally. SBI global international debit card shines in its rewards and the joining section bonus section.

You will get one reward point for every 200rupess you spend on dining, shopping, fuel filling, traveling and all other purchases.

And additionally, the card offers lucrative joining benefits 50 bonus reward points for your first time purchasing by the card done within one month before the date of the issue. Also, you can make flexible to your double reward earned points in a quarter.

The SBI global international debit card offers you the lucrative bonus deals and you can earn bonus points for the first three transactions done on this debit card. The bank also providing an SMS every time your account is either credited or debited will keep you updated information at all points of time.

This instant text message feature is for the cash-withdraws, online transaction, and all purchasing transactions. This acts as a good feature for staying safe and secure and to take the immediate precautions from the fraudulent transactions from your account.

Uses of SBI global International debit card:

  1. The shopping over the 6 lakh merchants outlets in India and 30 million all over the world-wide.
  2. For the movie tickets booking, Bill payments, traveling and all other online shopping and the payments over the internet using secure ‘Master secure code’/verified by visa’.
  3. For the cash withdrawing from SBI group ATM’s or other ATM’s in India and around the globe (ATM’s with MasterCard/Maestro/Visa logo)

Which is the best SBI international debit card?
From all the SBI debit card, The SBI gold debit card international debit card is the good debit card that will be handy.

For the that Debit card the daily maximum cash withdrawal limit at ATM and POS for the domestic is 50,000 thousand rupees to 2lakh rupees respectively, Whereas maximum daily withdrawal limit at the ATM for the international varies compared to the country to country.

How can I get international SBI debit card?
There are two options to apply for the new SBI international debit card, The first option is by branch and the second option is from the internet banking.

Internet banking is the best option if you have an SBI internet banking account for applying for an International SBI debit card.

What is the difference between SBI global and classic debit card?

From the point of the sales terminals, The customers can purchase up to a maximum of 50 thousand rupees by using the state bank classic debit cards.

The global international SBI debit card offering complete protection from the fraudulent transaction as it comes with the embedded EMV chip in the Debit card.

Is the SBI global debit card accepted worldwide?

The SBI visa Global debit card enables one to make International transactions, That is Foreign money exchange transactions within the prescribed limits per day. Whenever you use SBI global debit card, You need to insert the card in the POS machine and to submit your PIN.

What are the charges for SBI global credit card?

1. There are no issuance charges for SBI global debit card.
2. The annual maintenance charges of the SBI global debit card is 150rupees plus GST.
3. The cash withdrawal limit on the ATM per day for SBI global debit card is Minimum 100rupees to 40,000rupees maximum.
4. In the SBI global debit card, The POS charges are minimum there is no limit and maximum up to 75,000 rupees.
5. For the SBI global debit card, the card replacement charge is 300rupees plus GST.
6. For the transactions for using State bank debit cards on SBI’s POS terminals from 0.75% of transaction value that is up-to 2000rupees or 10 rupees(whichever is higher), 1% transaction values for the transactions above 2000rupees.
7. In SBI global debit card, The transactions cost at the State bank ATM’s is free, In other ATM’s up-tp 5 transactions per month is for free.
8. The other bank’s ATM’S beyond 5 transactions per month, For the financial transactions 17 rupees and Non-financial 6 rupees.

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