How to use PayTm and change upi pin through app

How to use Paytm?

 Today Paytm is the trust of corers of Indians, and every day 5 lac new users add to Paytm. Here we present the simple step-by-step guide that will help you to familiarize yourself with this.

 1. To use the Paytm wallet, you must add money before in the portfolio. 

 2. First of all, tap on the “Add money” present on the home screen of Paytm and enter the amount. You can add the amount using debit/ credit card or Net banking. 

 3. Now the Paytm users can pay or receive money at the shop with just a smartphone having that application. 

 4. Paytm costumers can scan the QR code or enter the receivers’ mobile or PayTm number in the “PAY” option. Paytm will make you pay virtually anyone within a few seconds with just a smartphone and the app. 

 5. Accepting money using Paytm is even more comfortable. All you need is to tap on “accept money” and request the sender to scan your QR code. 

 6. Also, you are allowed to take the screenshot of the QR code and send it to the sender. Now the sender can scan this code using the feature ”Scan Paytm QR code from Gallery” and pay instantly. 

 7. You can also transfer money from the wallet to bank account. You can also send the money from Wallet to your Bank account. Tap on the passbook icon and choose “send money to Bank.” After this, tap on transfer and fill the amount, account holder name, account number, and IFSC code. Thus you can send money. 

 8. Also, you can select the “bank account” in the accept payment option, and This will make the amount submit to your bank. 

How to use paytm

Things to know about PayTm:

 A popular Indian mobile platform and e-commerce platform. Here in this article, we will help you to transfer money using this largest commerce platform to anyone. 

 Here you will get the feature of Paytm wallet that allows you to transfer money without any cost. This feature also allows you to pay seamlessly at several places like taxi and autos, grocery shops, petrol pumps, restaurants, multiplexes, coffee shops, parking, pharmacies, hospitals, and Kirana shops, among others. 

 This Paytm wallet is also useful in paying online recharges, utility bills payments, travel tickets, and book movies, and many other things. Click here to visit official site.

How to change UPI PIN in paytm

 How to change UPI Pin in Paytm?

 This UPI Pin is most vital as it is the last security interference of your UPI payment framework. This PIN is much similar to ATM PIN, and it comprises of 4 digits. It is compulsory to set a UPI PIN for each financial balance. To change UPI PIN, follow the following steps:

 1. First, open the app and tap on the menu. 

 2. Now tap on the area where your name is present, and this will take you to the profile area. 

 3. On scrolling down, you will discover the “Spared Payment subtleties and settings.” Tap on this.

 4. Here you will see your VPA( Virtual payment address) and connected bank account. On bank account, from the sending money interface, you can set UPI PIN for any recorded bank account. 

 5. Now tap on the desired bank account, and then you will get the option to change the UPI PIN. 

 6. Now you will need to enter the last six digits of ATM card. Now fill the expiry/ validity date and tap on proceed. 

 7. After this, fill the received OTP in the provided space. 

 8. Here present the space to set NEW UPI PIN. You need to confirm it once. Now you can set the UPI PIN securely. 

 How to add a bank account in Paytm?

 To add a bank account, you need to:

 1. First, click on the menu. On scrolling down on the list, you can see the option “Saved Payment details and setting.” 

 2. Clicking on this option, you will see the option to add a bank card. Here you can add bank cards easily by filling all essential details. 

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 How to delete bank account from Paytm?

 Going on the menu and then on “Saved Payment details and settings,” as described above. On the top right corner of your bank account, you will see three dots. Clicking here will offer you the option to delete your account. 

 What is Paytm gold?

 Paytm gold is a feature offered by Paytm, where customers can get their cash back into their gold account. Paytm gold will allow the customer to buy gold for less than Rs. 1.

 As you receive cashback on applying promo code, The cashback will get in your Paytm gold account instead of e-wallet.  

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