How to stop avast from blocking a website in 2021

One of the crucial questions arises when you are trying to access any website. Still, your browser doesn’t allow you to access that particular site because of the installed antivirus in your system. Because sometimes avast online security detects some malicious activity on your surfing websites, that’s why it directly blocks that particular website automatically.

So in the recent post of blog and forum update, everyone comments about the avast blocking website and asking how to stop avast from blocking a website? You first want to understand safety advice before accessing the websites on the internet. Nowadays, browsers are also not safe for accessing any website due to cybercrime activities or any malicious file injecting and phishing attacks.

how to stop avast from blocking a website

In this scenario, the attacker or hacker uses the malicious script to get your device access or give you a breakdown on your system with a large amount of request overload on your PC or network. So you need to aware of these kinds of things. That’s why avast provides extra shield protection to prevent these kinds of websites accessible on the browser through the internet. So kindly update your antivirus frequently to stay safe from this kind of activity.

How to stop avast from blocking a website

Every time you will get the popup notification while using the internet with browsing through particular websites. Because avast provides the shield protection that will give you push notification whenever you are trying to access some websites. But Continuously blocking the site will give you frustration at some level, and everyone is trying to avoid these popup messages while surfing on the internet.

So here is the guide for how to stop avast from blocking a website or how to turn off avast in your system. You have to follow the complete guide for better understanding using steps with proper accessibility in your computer. So kindly read this whole article and instruction regarding how to stop avast from blocking a website.

Method-1: Upgrade the Antivirus version

Every third-party software or any antivirus software like avast need a daily update because of virus prevention. Privacy protection and virus protection are the two most important aspects that everyone needs. So you need to update your antivirus with the latest version and solve your problem using the below steps:

1. Open Avast on your windows 10 Pressing Windows button and Search for Avast
2. Now go to Menu and Open Settings on Avast Panel
3. After that, in the General panel, click on the Update
4. Now, you have to click on the Check for the Updates
5. It will update your antivirus software automatically.

There is another way to update your antivirus software directly using the Taskbar. You have to apply to right-click on the Avast icon from the Taskbar and select the Update option to update your avast software directly.

Method-2: How to disable avast Web Shield Protection

Avast provides the unique functionality for a web to protect your computer from unwanted files and gives you extra security on the internet access and connectivity. So Web shield is the main element that will protect your whole computer from malware, viruses, or any script kiddie. So if you want to disable the web shield and want to know how to stop avast from blocking a website, then you have to follow these steps below:

1. Open Avast on your windows 10 Pressing Windows button and Search for Avast
2. Now go to Menu and Open Settings on Avast Panel
3. After that, Under the Avast Shield Configuration, you have to uncheck the Enable HTTPS Scanning Option

Now your whole HTTPS Website scanning is stopped. so you can easily access the internet and your desired websites without any interruptions. But here is the one scenario that lets your avast send the popup messages because some sites don’t have the SSL certificate, so you have to stay for safe and secure browsing.

Method: Exception on URLs

Another feature available on the avast is to manage your custom websites, including the Exception on the particular websites. Using this method, you can restrict some unwanted or spammy links from running on your system. That sites are blocked on your IP address, so it will stop automatically whenever you are trying to access that particular. And your avast blocking Websites issue will be resolved with the prevention of push notification.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Avast Panel and Open Settings on that.
2. Now, find the Exception Tab under the General Tab
3. After that, ADD Exception on that panel using the URLs that you want to exclude on your network or system
4. Now, Save the URL
5. Now go to your browser. Avast will unblock your sites, and your issue will be resolved.

Method-3: Temporary Turn-off the Protection

If you want to know how to stop avast from blocking a website? The simple answer to that question is that you can disable the avast protection temporarily because it’s one of the straightforward methods to stop the avast from blocking a website without any further procedure and steps.

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the Avast icon that is placed at the Taskbar of your computer
2. Now, Right-click on that icon and go to the Avast shield Control Settings
3. After that, there are various options available for the temporary stopping of avast protection, so kindly select a particular option according to your need.

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Final Words

Based on your question we have explained all the details about How to stop avast from blocking a website. Here we can say that there are lots of other ways to stop avast from blocking the sites. You can also choose the multiple options that are more suitable for you to manage your system with the proper process easily. Otherwise, you have to face some severe damage.

Kindly follow the guidance provided above and follow all the steps that include flow wise procedure to solve this issue. You can also repair your third-party tool and change the configuration to manage the push notification that prevents you from accessing the websites. Follow all these steps, which are a safe solution for your system.

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