How to register to vote in India Online

We have discussed in this article about How to register to vote in India Online. If you are 18 years old then you can follow the below steps to register yourself.

How to register to vote in India
How to register to vote in India

Now the Indian citizens over the age of 18 years have got the feature of Online voter registration by the Election commission of India. Indian citizens over 18 years of age on the qualifying date (1st of January of the year of revision of electoral roll) can enroll themselves as General voters.
They are allowed to fill Form 6 online at National Voter’s service portal and on the same portal, they also get the feature to check their enrolment status.

How to check voter registration status?

You can go on page and find yourself if you are registered to vote. If in the list there, your name present, then you are eligible to vote. In case, if your name is missing in that list, then you will need to register to be eligible for a vote in India.

How to register to vote in India
For this, go on page and can register yourself for a vote. You are also having the option to visit the Voter Helpline app to register online or verify your name in the electoral roll.
First, you need to fill Form 6 for general voters. This is a form for “first-time voters” and is also for those who have shifted to another constituency.

  1. Those who are NRI will need to fill Form 6A.
  2. In case of any objection of deletion, you have the option to fill Form 7.
  3. In case, you want to change the photo, age, Address, date of birth, EPIC Number, Gender, Name of a relative, type of relation, etc, then fill the Form 8.
  4. If you are shifting from one place of residence to another residence within the same constituency, then you can fill form 8A.
  5. Those who are shifting from one consistency to another will need to fill form 6.

Voter list continuously updates till the last date asked for filling the nomination by the candidates.The requirement for registering to vote.

The requirements to get yourself enroll as a voter in India are:

1. You must be a citizen of India
2. You must have attained the age of 18 years.
3. You must be ordinarily resident of the area/ polling part of the constituency where you wish to get enrolled.
4. You must not be disqualified to get enrolled as a voter.
If you meet all the above criteria, then you are allowed to register yourself as a voter in India. You can visit the Voter helpline app or go to to register online.

How to register offline to vote?

You can also register yourself as a voter in India offline.
You can get Form 6 offline from the offices of Electoral Registration Officers/ Assistant Electoral Registration officer or Booth level Officers at free of cost. Fill the two copies for the form.
Now the filled form along with the relevant documents can be filed by the candidate before the concerned Electoral registration officer. You can also send by post to him or can also hand the form to the Booth level officer of your polling area.
For more help, you can dial a call in 1950.

How to Vote in India?

After getting yourself registered in the electoral roll, you will be eligible to vote in India.
1. First, find your polling station. You can find your polling station by visiting You need to choose your state and district and the polling station.

2. After that, you will have to go to the polling place on the day of the election. After reaching there, go to check your name on the list of registered voters.

3. Stand in the queue. As your turn came, answer the questions asked by the officer. The officer will then mark you with indelible ink.

4. As to go inside, you will see the polling machine. Now the vote the symbol of the candidate you wish.

5. Wait for a few seconds to ensure that all is fine and the machine is not beeping.

This is how you can vote.

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