How to record Whatsapp video call in your mobile

How to record Whatsapp video call?

Whatsapp is the most widely used application that also allows you for video calling. But it lacks the feature of Whatsapp video call recording. Only with the Whatsapp app, it is not possible to record Whatsapp video conversation.

Sometimes we need to record some important Whatsapp video calls, especially during an interview. If you are also looking for a way to record Whatsapp video call? Then you are on the right page. Although there is no branded Whatsapp video call recorder that you allows you to record video conversation.

But you can use many screen recording application. These applications are available on both Playstore and Appstore. With the help of these applications, you can record your Whatsapp video conversation.
Here we explain how to download Whatsapp video call, step by step.

You can follow the following steps to record Whatsapp video call on iPhone:

AirPlay is a popular screen recording application that you can get from Appstore.
1. First of all, swipe up from the bottom in your iPhone and search for airplay
2. Click on Airplay and click on start recording.
3. After finishing your conversation, click on stop Recording.

You can simply follow these steps to record Whatsapp video call on Android:

If you wish to record a Whatsapp video call, then it becomes necessary to install an app. Many android manufacturers natively not offer the ability to record video calls. But this feature might be available in some smartphones.

1. First of all, download the MNML Screen recorder application from the play store. Many other screen recorder applications are also available in the play store for free.
2. Now open the application and tap on the three dots present at the top right. Now you can go to settings.
3. After this, you can start recording and can also activate the recorded Audio.
4. After this again go back to screen recorder application. Here you can click on record at the bottom right. The application will start a three-second counter before the recording starts. You will also receive a warning message showing that now the recording will start and it will record everything. Confirm and then start recording.
5. Now you can start a video call on Whatsapp with the one you want.
6. As you are done with your conversation, now click on the stop button that you can access from the quick notification bar.
7. Now return to the MNML app and your recorded screen will be displayed. Now you can see it and can also share it with your friends.

Can any third person see Whatsapp video call?

There is a security feature available in Whatsapp name end-to-end encryption that makes no one can see your Whatsapp video call.
Is it legal to record video calls on Whatsapp?
Before downloading any app to record the Whatsapp video call, you must know the answer to the above question. Sometimes for legal issues, you can record the conversation. But make sure, the recorded video must be under your dispute and is not infringing on the fundamental rights and freedom.

On the traditional or simple call, you must inform the other side party about your recording. If the other side party agrees, only after that you can go for Whatsapp video call recording. In the case of denying, you can not record the video conversation.

You can use this application to record video calls in legal issues. You can also use it to record your digital interview or memory for example.

Can Whatsapp video call traced by the police?

Though Whatsapp has officially confirmed the encryption feature where no one can trace your call. But there is a process and feasibility for everything.
Whatsapp collets some metadata of users and the can pass this on to the law of enforcement agencies in case of request through proper channel.
In case anyone’s call can cause nationwide issues or stop a nationwide threat, then yes the call can be traced. But it is a very tedious process and no normal person can do this.
It can be done only by an official person after following proper channels.

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