How to play minesweeper like pro in any device

How to play minesweeper

Before knowing how to play minesweeper, first, the question arises, What is minesweeper?
It is a single-player puzzle video game whose main objective is to clear a rectangular board. This rectangular board contains hidden “mines” or bombs.
You will need to clear the board with help from clues about the number of neighboring bombs and without detonating any mines.


The game has a very basic gameplay style. Mines are scattered in its original form. The broad is divided into three types of cells and these are:

1. Uncovered
2. Covered
3. Flagged

The covered cells are blank and you can click on them.
The uncovered cells either contain a number or a mine. An uncovered cell containing number has mines in its adjacent cells. When you click on an uncovered cell, the game will end if that cell bears a mine.

The flagged cell is much similar to a covered cell in the sense that it contains not triggered mine.
Once you become sure that a particular cell contains a mine, you can right-click on it to put a flag. The flagging in this game work as a reminder.

You will not lose the game through the action of flagging a cell. Flagging a cell makes the player thinks there is a mine underneath. This will cause the game to deduct an available mine from the board.

Once you flagged all the mines, you can easily open the remaining non-bomb cells.

Players need to use their logic to deduce where mines exist via the use of numbers given by uncovered cells.
Make sure, you will need to uncover all the non-mine cells and flag all the mine containing cells.
In this game, when the player left-clicks on a cell, that cell will be exposed or uncovered.  Right-clicking on any cell will cause a flag to appear on it.

Flagged cells are also similar to the covered call. A player can click on it to uncover similar to other normal covered cells.

The first click will never cause you to lose the game. Your first click will clear the map and will place numbers on the grid.

The number on the cell will reflect the number of mines adjacent square.

How to play minesweeper?

1. First of all, you must understand the principle behind minesweeper. This game begins with a grid of unmarked squares.

2. Your first click on any of the square will make some of the squares disappear, some will have a number on them and some will remain blank.

3. Now the main game starts. You will need to use your logic by using numbers to figure out which of the blank cells have mines and which are safe to click.

4. This game is much similar to a SUDOKU puzzle. In this game, your success depends on your ability to eliminate possible answers until one answer remains.

5. To play this game, you will need a mouse. The left click of the mouse will lead to uncovering the cell while the right click will flag that cell.

6. The main logic you will need in this game is that the number on cell depicts the numbers of mines adjacent to that square.

7. For example, if two cells touch each other. One of these cells show number ‘1’ on it, you can guess that the cell next to it has mine.

How to download minesweeper?

  1. First, click on the window logo.
  2. Now search for a store and click on Microsoft store.
  3. On the Microsoft store, you can search for Minesweeper.
  4. Click on the ‘get’ button below the Microsoft minesweeper title. It will install this game on your PC.

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