How to check ration card status online in India

How to check ration card status online?

Have you applied for a ration card but don’t know the procedure to track the ration card status online?
Before learning, how to check the ration card online, we should first know, what ration card is, types of ration card and how to apply for ration card.

check ration card status online
check ration card status online

Ration card is an official document which is issued by the state government to the household. Having these ration cards, households become eligible to purchase subsidized food grains from the public distribution system.

This ration card is also used as a common form of identification for many Indians. According to the National Food Security Act (NFSA), the state governments must issue every household an identity card that makes them eligible for purchasing subsidized food grains. Thus the state government comes up with an idea of the Ration card.

Types of ration card

Earlier there were mainly three types of ration cards issued by the state governments based on the economic status of the households as the main parameter. But later this was re-categorized into two categories i.e. Priority and Non-Priority based on which three different colors of ration cards are issued. The eligibility criteria to select the beneficiaries vary from state to state. The types are as follows:

1. Blue/White: These ration cards are issued to households who have a good income and economic status i.e  Above the Poverty Line(APL).It helps them to get various subsidized food items.

2.  Yellow ration card: These are issued to the poorest of the poor. This card is called the Antyodaya(AAY) ration card. Households with this type of ration card are entitled to 35 kgs of food grains per month at a subsidized rate.

3. Priority ration card: This type of ration card is issued to households that meet the criteria set by the state government. The color of this ration card is pink. Each household with priority ration cards is entitled to 5 kgs of food grains per month.

Before the functioning of  NFSA, there were mainly three types of ration cards based on only the poverty line:
1. Above poverty line: These ration cards were issued to households living above the poverty line set by the state government. These households were entitled to receive 15 kgs of food grain.
2. Below poverty line: This was issued to households living below the poverty line. These households are considered poor and they can receive 25 to 35 kgs of food grains.
3. Antyodaya: These ration cards were issued to the poorest of a poor family. These households are entitled to receive 35 kgs of food grains.

The recategorization was done for more authenticity in identifying the actual beneficiaries or target groups.

Who can apply for a ration card”?

Any person who is living in India permanently and is above 18 years of age can apply for a ration card.

How to apply for a ration card?

Now you can apply for a ration card online. Earlier, it was tedious work. People need to go to the office and purchase application form. Then need to fill the form and attach all the essential document and nominal fees. Then people need to make a few more trips to see if their ration card is ready to be picked up.

But now some states have uploaded their application form online on their official ration card website. This helps people to save their time and they can gather all the documents easily. Then they have to report at the office and pay the fees along with the application form and documents.

While some states allowed the people to fill a form online, attach all the essential documents. The applicants can receive their ration card after an SMS containing a date when they will receive their ration card.
While other states are one step ahead and they started a digital ration card. In this, the entire process is online.

How many days it will take to get a ration card?

As per rule by Food and civil supplies, the new ration card will be issued with n 30 days after application. The correction in the ration card will be completed in three days.

How to check ration card status online?

1. First of all, go to the official website.
2. Now click on the “Application search” option.
3. This will take you to the page where you can enter the ration card or application number.
4. Now hit on submit.
5. Here you can see the status of your application for ration card.


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