How to change the name in Truecaller and is it secured

How to change the name in Truecaller?
When talking about important applications for mobile, we never forget to mention the name of Truecaller. In a mobile application, we can easily see who is calling us and can also see the name of the missed call.

But what happens, if the number of that particular person is not saved on your mobile.

It is also possible that we receive calls from an unknown number. In that case, a True caller helps us to get the detail of an unknown number.

This application is also useful in tackling phone call scams. This is a great and important app that will give you all the details of the unknown number even when the number is not saved in your phone book.

But sometimes, truecaller may show you the wrong name. When you know that truecaller is showing your number wrong, then you can change or correct the name in the true caller database.

Method to change the name in Truecaller.

First, you need is to install a truecaller in your device. You can get this application free from Playstore.

  • Now the app will verify your number by sending an SMS on your phone number.
  • As you verify your number, now you can launch the true caller.
  • Open the menu and then click on Edit profile.
  • Now click on the edit option present just opposite your name. It is in the form of a pencil icon.
  • Here the truecaller will ask for your first name and last name. Enter the detail as you want to appear in Truecaller.
  • Now click on save changes.
  • Yes, you are done, Now your name on truecaller is corrected. This will provide your true identity to the person whom you call if he is not having your number.

In case, you are running out of space and want to install Truecaller for any reason, then:

  1. Go to the website of Truecaller and login with the help of your Google account.
  2. Now you can search for your number.
  3. After this, you will see the “SUGGEST NAME” option. Click on it.
  4. Here you can change the display name for the Truecaller app.
  5. All you need is just to enter the correct name or name you wish to appear on Truecaller.
  6. In this method, the web page will not ask to verify your number. Here in this method, you can change the name of any person.

In case when truecaller staff thinks that the suggestion provided by you is not correct, then they will not make the requested change.

These are two methods allowing you to change the name on a true caller. As told before, the name changed by the second method may be accepted, so it’s better to correct your name on Truecaller by the first method.

Note: Above both methods may take some time to show your changes. Don’t expect that your corrected name will reflect as soon as you make the change.

The reason why Truecaller showing the wrong name?

There are two reasons why truecaller show your wrong name:

  1. When a large number of people saved your contact with the wrong name in their contact list. Truecaller generally takes information from the phonebook of the mobile in which truecaller is installed.
  2. If several people saved your contact with the wrong name because of any reason, the truecaller will show the wrong information.
  3. Also sometimes you change your number. The truecaller continues to show the information about the previous owner of your number.

Is Truecaller safe?

Truecaller imports all your contact information in their database, if you have no issue with this, it is safe for you.
If you her/his self-register in truecaller, then the true caller will show the name that you registered. But if you have not registered in it, then this app will show the name saved by a majority of people.
There were rumours, that Truecaller can import your saved password data also.

Also recently, Truecaller introduced a new feature of online account to account for cash transactions. People are now avoiding true caller because it may leak the user’s account details and UPI passcodes. In that case, it is better to not use the UPI payment option in Truecaller.

Also, the true caller tweeted that the application is perfectly safe. The app highlighted that your database is not going to be attacked by any. It ensures that your data is safe.


Truecaller is a great application to help you to know the name of the unknown number. Also, it warns you for spam and fraud calls. If you are not secure with its UPI payment feature and think that your UPI passcode may be in threat, then you can use this app only as a caller ID.
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