How to book Tatkal ticket online in India

In this article, all the details of How to book a Tatkal ticket online and also the timing of an online tatkal ticket booking has been mentioned please go through.

People generally book their train tickets in advance but in the condition of emergency and urgent need we need to book tickets instantly.

How to book tatkal ticket online
                                          How to book a tatkal ticket online


Railway offers a ticket booking process called Tatkal Ticket under the Tatkal quota (TQ). Therefore, some seats in trains are kept under the Tatkal quota which can be booked later or a lesser reservation period (1 day in advance). There are some terms and conditions regarding tatkal booking like additional amount, reservation fee, super fast chargers for the super fast train(S/T), etc.

For booking a Tatkal Ticket Indian Railway has defined two processes:

1- Online by an official web site and application
2- Offline at PRS counters

Timing for Tatkal Ticket booking:

For tatkal booking Indian railway has defined a schedule it will be booked 1 day in advance for example if I want a ticket of 30th April 2020 so it will be booked on 29th April 2020 only.

Service start at 10:00AM for AC class (2A/3A/EC/CC/3E) and 11:00AM for Sleeper Class (SL/FC/2S)

How To Book Tatkal Ticket

  1. First of all, you have to create an account on IRCTC You can also use the IRCTC application, just go to the official website and create an account.
  2.  Now login your id at 10 am for AC tickets and 11 am for sleeper class ticket.
  3. Remember, You can only book a seat for 4 passengers per PNR.
  4. After login into your account, you have to select the origin-destination and final destination and date of journey and class and ‘SUBMIT‘.
  5.  After a wait of a few seconds, the list of the scheduled train is visible in front of you, now select your train.
  6. Now tap on the TATKAL QUOTA button for booking and click to BOOK NOW.
  7. The page of your personal information will open now; fill in all details like Name, Age, Gender, Seat preference, email, etc.
  8. Now enter the captcha and select your bank for payment.

On Tatkal booking, no duplicate Tatkal ticket shall be issued by railway.

There are some additional charges on the basic fare of the ticket of that particular class

  1. For Non AC -minimum 10% of basic fare
  2. For AC or Executive -minimum 30% of basic fare

As per Tatkal quota, ‘Tatkal booking is allowed in all classes only except FIRST AC’

There are different identity cards which are considered valid at the time of Tatkal ticket like voter id, Adhaar card, passport, driving license, pan card, nationalized bank passbook with photographs, photo identities card which is issued by centre government/ state government, college ID cards, etc. You should remember the facility of change of name is not permitted on the booking which is done under the Tatkal scheme.

Cancellation of Tatkal Ticket/ Refund

You can easily cancel the ticket up to 30 min before the train leaves the station but No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets as per the cancel and refund policy of the Indian railway.

• To cancel your ticket open the IRCTC website or application and tap on MY ACCOUNT and select book ticket history, select it and your ticket cancellation will proceed.

• On new tap, they ask you to confirm then click on confirm button,

Refund of tatkal tickets

In certain cases, you can have a refund amount back. Ticket Deposit Receipts (TDRs) are not being issued for waiting list tickets. After the automatic cancellation of waitlisted tickets, the ticket holder gets a full refund in their account. There is no refund generated on the cancellation of the confirmed ticket. There are some circumstances in which a ticket will cancel and you get a full refund-

  1.  If the train will be delayed for 3 hr or more then 3 hr then you cancel the ticket in that case you get a full refund.
  2. If train routes are diverted and your selected station is not there in the new route then you can cancel the ticket, and get a full refund
  3.  When you book 4 passenger tickets and only 2 get confirm seats and 2 are in waiting then also you get a full refund in your account.
  4. If you get to know that all facilities are not mentioned on the ticket for a particular class then you cancel your ticket and get a full refund.

Avoid these five mistakes during booking of Tatkal Ticket

  1. Don’t use a different or new browser for fast booking; use a regular browser that is used regularly by you for the IRCTC site.
  2.  Remember don’t log in to your IRCTC account too early just open it 2-3 min before the booking is open and don’t press the refresh button continuously. Click it once after 4-5 sec of a given time.
  3. Don’t log in to your account in two windows at the same IP address. If you want to do so then use different IP addresses.
  4.  Remember don’t fix passenger names in the master list. You have to note it down in text form.
  5.  Select the ATM pin or net banking option for payment because sometime you won’t receive OTP on your mobile and you may lose your seat.

So, Basically, these were all the processes of How to book a Tatkal ticket online. Hope your doubt is clear please feel free to give your feedback.

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