How to become a snapdeal seller and earn money

If you want to know how you can become a seller on Snapdeal then read the article it will help you a lot.

As we all know, Snapdeal is amongst the leading online shopping platforms in India. Hence it is considered under the top 5 eCommerce companies in India along with Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong. Snapdeal is a very old player in the ecommerce market and therefore it has a large customer base of over more than 4 crore customers.

Snapdeal sellerNot only this, but Snapdeal also works for nearly 4000 cities in India and delivers the best of their services. It is the favorite place of both buyers and sellers for trade. Snapdeal Sellers are the people who are ordinary businessmen who want to carry their business online.

Therefore Snapdeal provides a very innovative platform that helps the local businesses to create their profile and bring the products over the internet. Adding to this, the Snapdeal offers its sellers and dealers with professional services such as professional photoshoots, digital marketing, etc.

Snapdeal is also famous for its affiliate program in which ordinary people can become the affiliates of Snapdeal and promote products offered on various social media platforms. Thus this practice of affiliate marketing would lead them to earn an excellent commission from Snapdeal.


Who is a Snapdeal Seller?

A Snapdeal seller is a person who does business by selling his products through the Snapdeal platform 24×7. People register on the Snapdeal platform and become authorized sellers, after which they are ready to sell any product they wish to.

Therefore, a Snapdeal seller earns a lot of income as he gets an edge on the online market through Snapdeal. Also, Snapdeal is used by many people due to which the Snapdeal sellers products get popularity and are sold more and more.

A Snapdeal seller needs to upload his identity certificate and go through a verification process, once he registers and verification process is done, then he is good to go and carry on his online business.

 How to become a Snapdeal seller?

Becoming a Snapdeal dealer is not rocket science, but it is much easier than you think. To become a Snapdeal seller, you’ll have to follow a couple of steps, which will lead you to easily create your seller profile and do business on Snapdeal.

snapdeal seller

The following are the steps with detail explanation which can be developed to become a Snapdeal seller:

  1.  Register yourself on the Snapdeal platform and list the products and commodities you want to sell. The registration on Snapdeal is free of cost, and the product catalog can be easily created.
  2. Sell your product under the same brand or make your own label. The next step would be to train yourself by using the platform.
  3.  The next step is to do the uploading of documents and verification. Snapdeal provides its registered sellers with professional services such as verification, product photoshoots, and increasing the product’s visibility.
  4.  The third major step is to schedule the pickup and order receiving. Thus it involves accepting the orders from customers and making your products available for various customers all over the country.
  5. Snapdeal here provides a platform in application format called seller zone application and seller panel where the seller can manage his orders and schedule pickups.

Payment method & Business Growth:

The final step in the Snapdeal seller process is the adding of payment methods. Snapdeal allows users to pay from different payment modes; therefore, the seller can select the payment methods he wants, which would help receive payment safely.

Thus payment methods serve as hassle-free service from the Snapdeal team. It also provides low-interest loans and free collateral lending is to nurture and grow your business online.

How to earn on Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is one such platform which has the maximum number of the customer base in India. It has over Four Crore customers in its database. Thus being a seller on Snapdeal takes you and your product in front of all those 4 CR customers.

Therefore earning on Snapdeal is not a big deal. Other than this, Snapdeal works in more than 4000 cities in India so that the product is reached in every household.

Do people generally ask that we don’t have a website other than how we can sell the products online? Snapdeal solves this issue for such people.

The answer is yes, and you can sell products on the Snapdeal platform by just listing your products after registration. In this way, your products get listed, it’s visible to the customer you are ready to sell.

The next question arises in front of us: is there any assurance that my product would be sold? So the answer to this question is very clear that the snap deal has a track record of selling more than 8000 products per hour, and with its large customer base, it is always possible that some people purchase your product.

For your product to be sold more, you should make use of proper keywords so that your product is visible and also product photography plays an important role; therefore, professional services from Snapdeal must be taken for the success of your product.

 So the following Points can lead you to earn more and more on Snapdeal:

  • Proper Documentation and Verification of the Snapdeal Seller.
  • Use of professional services offered by Snapdeal.
  • A clear photograph of the product to be uploaded.
  • Use of relevant keywords for better visibility.
  • Introduction of attractive offers.
  • Adding all the famous and most used payment options
  • Better customer service through the right products.
  • Participating in the Snapdeal Affiliate program.

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