How to become a PayNearby Retailer in India

How to become a PayNearBy Retailer?
You must have heard about PayNearBy. It is a type of service, whose franchise you can get to offer various financial services to the public at your shop. With this service, you can pay for recharges, dish cable recharge service, pay the bill for credit cards, etc and many more bills along with banking service.

PayNearBy Retailer
PayNearBy Retailer

With this service, you will be allowed to submit the amount in any bank account of your customer and can also withdraw money from your customer’s bank account just with the help of the Adhaar card.

If you are having any shop, then you can take its franchise and get a chance to earn an attractive amount. But if you are not owning any shop, then you have to invest in any shop. Only after that, you can get a franchise for this service.

Today via this article, we will guide you on the way to get the franchise for PayNearBy and also explain how to become a PayNearBy retailer.

These are the steps you need to follow to become a PayNearBy Retailer:

  1. First of all, you need to install an application namely PayNearBy Retailer from the play store.
  2. Opening this application, you can see an interface allowing you to choose your language.
  3. On clicking “Next”, you will get to know the service provided by this app. Again click on “next”.
  4. This will take you to the page, where you need to register your mobile number.
  5. Now allow for location.
  6. There will be a bracket where you can fill your name. On scrolling downward, you will need to fill your PAN Number. After that, you should fill the name of your shop.
  7.  Your next step is to click on “enter location” for your shop. On clicking, you will be taken to the Google map page, where you should point to your shop location.
  8.  Now click on “save pin and Proceed”.
  9.  After that, you need to fill your complete address. After that click on “Save”.
  10.  The opened will show you the name of your shop and its address. After this scroll down and click on “Submit”.
  11.  Then you will get one Pop-Up notification to verify your Pan card. Here you need to click on confirm to verify your PAN card.
  12.  Now you can see a congratulation notification “you are now a Digital Pradhan”.
  13. You will receive an SMS comprising of Login ID and Password.
  14.  Now click on login and fill the required details like phone number and password. On clicking “Login”, you will receive an OTP, which you need to fill and click on Verify.
  15.  Here you can set your password. For that, you need to fill your old password. Then scroll down to choose some strong password difficult for others you guess. Then click on submit.
  16.  Now logout from the whole session and again login with your new password.
  17.  Now you can see your profile details. Here you should select your store type from the provided options. Now click on “NEXT”.
  18.  After that, you will need to upload a photo of your PAN card. You will see a Camera icon, where you should click to open the camera. You will see some instructions on how to click pictures of your PAN card. Then click on “I AM READY”. Now your camera is on. You will need to take a clear picture of your PAN card. After clicking on “OKAY”, you will get the option to crop the image. Make sure that you crop in the way so that only the PAN card can be seen. After clicking on “CROP”, you will see that the PAN card is now on the screen. Now click on “NEXT”.
  19. The next step is to fill your Bank details. You will have to fill your bank account number and confirm that bank account number, then the name of the account holder. On scrolling downward, you will need to fill the name of your Bank and then fill the IFSC code and lastly click on “Submit”.
  20.  You will receive a notification for account validation. Click on Yes.
  21.  The next step is to update your residence address and fill the PIN Code.
  22.  Now you have created your PayNearBy account successfully.

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The services provided by it is:

1. Money transfer
2. Claim refund
3. Balance enquire
4. Aadhaar Withdraw to withdraw the amount with the help of adhaar card.
5. Bill payment
6. SMS Payment
7. Customer Khata
8. Mobile recharge
9. Data card
10. DTH Recharge
11. Credit card bill
12. Bus booking
13. Insurance
14. FASTag
15. Air Booking
16. POS Agent


The best service you can get with this is a financial service and many more. You can ear with this service and can also serve the public at the same time.
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