Here’s What People Are Saying About Airtel Internet TV

Airtel Internet Tv works similar to DTH but with some extra features. Airtel launched this product on April 12, 2017, in India. This is an android based hybrid set-top box which means you can watch online movies, shows, and other DTH channels.

Airtel Internet Tv
Airtel Internet Tv

It has got a lot of inbuilt apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. Airtel internet tv gives you HD Display features and it also uses Chromecast that can allow you to stream anything or you can play anything from other devices.

Through this set-top box, you can easily convert your regular TV into a smart Tv. Because with more than 500+ channels you can also enjoy the online movies and shows from the different streaming apps.

Descriptions of Airtel Internet Tv:

  1. It comes with the Dual core ARM B15 BCM7252S Processor and 2GB RAM. Video Resolutions is 4096×2160 with 60 fps,and it Supports: MPEG-2/MPEG-4/ H.265/H.264/MVC/VC-1/VP9/AVI/MP-4/FLV/ 3GP/ WMV/ MOV/ MP4 & MKV.
  2. Audio quality is 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound pass-through, DD+/AAC/AC3.
  3. The internal storage of this device is 8 Gb and can be extended to 128GB.
  4. If you use external HDD it can support 4GB to 4TB.
  5. It also has wifi connectivity with the features 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO 2.4/5.0 GHz Wi-Fi and also has Bluetooth 4.1/BLE.
  6. Pre Installed apps are Airtel TV, Netflix, Airtel Games, Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Airtel Movies.

Airtel Internet tv price:

The Price of this amazing device is Rs ₹3,499 and this comes with 1-year app subscriptions and also 1-month DTH subscriptions.

What is the Airtel Internet tv plan price?

Well, If you want to know the exact price in current time please follow the tables below.

Airtel DTH HD PlanAirtel DTH HD PackageValidity(Months)
219 MAGIC HDRs.3121
219 ROYAL HDRs.3891
219 MAX HDRs.4441
MAX HDRs.5401
Sports HDRs.4931
All HDN/A1


The airtel internet tv plans price is based on the current rate of the market. It may changes later on as per company’s wish. Some the packages were cheap before but due to tax issues they have increased the price of the packages.


Recommended Internet Speed:

If you want to watch in 4K resolutions then you must have a 4mb/s and above connection to view smoothly. 4k Videos are very high resolution and can work on slow internet connections. So if you buy this device make sure you have a high speed connection at your place.

Does Airtel Internet TV require smart TV?

No, It doesn’t need smart Tv but it needs a very good internet connections. It works in normal tv also because it can convert any tv into a smart tv.

Is it worth to buy Airtel Internet TV?

If you don’t have a smart tv in your home then Yes, it worth it. You can buy this sexy beast without any second thoughts.

One smart tv will cost more than this so better is if you have a tv in your home already then you should go for this product.

How much data do I need for Internet TV per day?

Well, there is no such limitation but if you watch in 4k resolution obviously it will consume a lot of data. In 1 hour it will consume more than 1.5 GB data approximately.

So by this, you can calculate how much data you need to watch a movie. For, Internet TV broadband connection is best because it will give good speed and data in less price.



If you are planning to buy this make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. Secondly, Don’t buy this if you already have smart tv in your home.


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