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HCL Technologies Limited is one of the reputed IT firms in the country. I am sure most of you have already heard about it. HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is an Indian Multinational Information Technology service and consulting company.

HCL has many lines of business, such as Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), IoT WoRKS, DRYiCE, Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), Digital and Analytics, BPO (HCL Bserv), Cybersecurity and GRC Services.

HCL Bserv

HCL Bserv is simply the HCL Business Services, HCL Bserv being its short form. HCL Bserv started outsourcing as a line of business in 2001 and called its BPO services as HCL Bserv.

Though it is a part of HCL technologies, it still has a separate management team and system. The major focus is on customer service outsourced from different countries like US, UK, Australia, etc,.


A group of six ambitious engineers started HCL in 1976 which was led by Shiv Nadar, they were all employees of Delhi Cloth and General Mills before they started Micro comp Limited (former name of HCL).

Mr. Shiv Nadar and his team started to sell tell digital calculators in order to gather enough money to start the production of their main product which was personal computers.

Quite interesting, isn’t it! Little did they know that this was going to become one of the top multinational companies a few years later. Then on August 11th 1976, they renamed Microcomp Limited as HCL – Hindustan Computers Limited.

HCL Overseas Limited was a company that was providing technology development services, this was incorporated on November 12th, 1991.

Following a year on February 10th, 1992, HCL Overseas Limited received the certificate of commencement of business post it they have begun the production.

The company changed its name to HCL Consulting Limited in the month July of 1994, after five years they once again changed it in the month of October of 1999 to HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL has many business lines such as Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), IoT WoRKS, DRYiCE, Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), Digital and Analytics, BPO, Cybersecurity, and GRC Services.

BPO sector of HCL was renamed as HCL Bserv which started its outsourcing services in the year 2001.

Work Culture

HCL Bserv has its reputation as a good place to work and a good company to be associated with. Many employees (Current and past) share their experiences about working for HCL Bserv.

So let’s take a look at some of the best things about being associated with HCL and some of the things that might require a little improvement from the management side. Let’s look at the benefits first.

Job Security

Yes. That’s right! HCL is giving you Job security as they do not terminate employees on frivolous reasons and they are a company that actually has a record of firing very few employees.

So as long as you are a good employee, there’s nothing to worry about.


Employee Friendly

HCL Bserv is known for their employee-focused nature as they consider their employees to be an asset for their company.

They do not let go of employees that easily and always tries its best to keep them satisfied and ensure the employee morale is high.

Even if an employee is not happy at the current position, HCL allows them to switch to other roles in the company internally.



They do maintain a hygienic environment in the workplace. I’d say that’s the most impressive and important quality for us at this time, considering the situation.

This shows the extent of their care towards their employees.


Let us now take a look at the areas of improvement

Salary / Appraisal

Sadly, this was one of the things that came up quite often. The salary hikes during appraisal are said to be not as per the employee expectations.

But this could be due to various reasons or issues that the management could be facing or the employee’s performance would not be up to the mark.

Work Pressure

Work pressure seems to be more at HCL Bserv as per the employees who have worked there.

But if you are someone who is ready to put that extra hard work in for your career then go for it! Work pressure is seen in all the industries and companies, yet again it depends on how you take it.

Is it a good career option?

Frankly, I would say yes. It is a company known for its employee focus and they give a lot of benefits for their employees, most of all Job security! Also, HCL is a well-recognized company and it is always good to have on your resume.

Career growth opportunities at HCL Bserv are great which is good for you and the company.

This could pose as a learning curve, especially for the freshers out there! If you have the opportunity to start your career with HCL. Make the best out of it.

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