Discord fatal JavaScript error [Solved 100% Working]

Facing Discord fatal JavaScript error  In many instances, it is caused by a corrupt discord server or other program or service (such as your antivirus application) which prevents it from running?

Discord is a great platform for online users who plays online games, online meetup, and many more. Recently discord has become very popular due to online gamers who use this to talk with their squad players. You can refer to this article What Is Discord & How to Use It – [2021]   to know more about it.

As the user is increasing on the discord server the load is also increasing and maybe that is why many users are facing this discord fatal JavaScript error in their windows system.

For many users, the problem is getting fixed by just Remove and reinstalling the program. But it may not work for all.

We have found the solution for that error and gradually you will get to know how to fix discord fatal JavaScript error once you finish reading this article.

What Causes a Discord Fatal JavaScript Error?

There could be many reasons for it but the most commons reasons are

  1. Corrupted files
  2. Third-party app or software that blocking discord.

Corrupted files

During installations, the files on the discord can get corrupted and may not be usable and those files create problems during run time. So while installing discord in your system check out each step carefully.

Third-party app

A third-party app like antivirus might create a problem and show this error, so if you see this error disable your antivirus and try again. If it doesn’t work check out below we have written the solutions.

How to fix discord JavaScript fatal error permanently

Delete Discord Files

  1. Open Command Prompt using CTRL+R.
  2. Type “%appdata%” and click Run
  3. Find the Discord folder in the directory and click Delete
  4. Once Delete again open the command prompt and type %Localappdata%
  5. Again, find the Discord folder and delete it as you did before

Now, You are all set and you just need to re-install the software again. To install it properly follow the below steps so that you don’t get a discord fatal JavaScript error message again.

Reinstall Discord

  1. Go to discord website or app store
  2. Click on download discord
  3. Now Run As administrator
  4. Click Agree to the option
  5. Press next to start the installation
  6. Now wait for few minutes to finish the installation
  7. After that close everything and launch discord

Yay now you are ready to go and your problem is solved.


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