Best Free Plagiarism Checker in 2021

Top 10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker
Are you searching for the best or perfect plagiarism checker tool? Before looking for an ideal plagiarism tool, we must know,

what is plagiarism?
You can say plagiarism is an imitation of someone else’s work. When somebody copies another’s content without offering them their due credit, it is called plagiarism.

This problem is a serious concern among students, writers, and teachers. They all need to check their content for plagiarism before submitting it. This problem is not only the topmost issues among teachers and academic professors but is also important for bloggers, writers, and students who need to avoid plagiarism in their written documents.

The plagiarism tool is used to check if someone has copied others’ work without crediting them properly. It is also essential to check if someone has to steal the ideas of others and present them as their own. Bloggers used these tools to check the copied content from library books, websites, and many other sources.
Here we list your top 10 plagiarism checker tools that will help you to analyze your similarities in your content with other content present on the web.

1. Grammarly:

This tool is one of the best plagiarism checkers and can be used by anyone. Many universities like Stanford University, Berkeley, and the University of Michigan trusted this plagiarism checker. The tool we are talking about is an automated plagiarism checker as well as a proofreader.
Grammarly has a huge database of 16 billion web pages and processes its data using ProQuest’s database. As you write any document, this tool instantly scans that and finds any traces of similarity or copied content. Those who are looking for a perfect plagiarism checker free of cost, then they can surely go for it.
This tool also got an award for the most used grammar checker in the world.

2. Whitesmoke Plagiarism checker:

This is among the top 10 plagiarism checker tool that is believed to be very accurate and robust. This plagiarism checker software is the trust of many. It has already scanned billions of online web pages and resources. It is trusted by many as it offers a great tool to check for unoriginal content or copied content.
This is not as popular as the above one but can be a great alternate if you wish to try it out.
This tool with browser, Outlook integration, and MS word, will take your content plagiarism analysis to the next level.
The best part of this tool is that it has a feature to check your essay or any document with billions of webpages and will accurately detect similarities.

3. ProWritingAid

This is an online perfect plagiarism checker and analysis tool that is among the best in the market. This tool will help you by checking your document for copied content.

Authors or creative writers can trust this tool. Along with the best and trusted plagiarism analysis tool, it is also proved as a great writing coach.

This tool is great to detect style issues, grammar errors, and more than 20 various mistakes that editors and authors are likely to make.

The pro that I like best in this tool, here you can check your document for copied content directly from MS Word through the option “add-in”.

4. Duplichecker

This is another best free plagiarism checker tool for both writers and teachers. This is a perfect tool for all as they can check their writing/ school assignment or student submissions without a dime.
If you do blogging or you are working on a thesis, academic essay, or any other assignment, then you must have this tool in your content arsenal.

In this tool, all you need is to paste your document in the text box and then hit on the check to check the copied content. You are also allowed to upload a Word doc if you want.

This tool is very easy to use and hence not require any learning curve. His tool offers more than 50 scans for duplicate content each day. This is ideal for teachers to analyze papers and essays.


This is a reliable plagiarism checker tool that is meant to help online content creators, students, and teachers. This tool is extremely useful for those who want to review their submission for copied content before you submit that to your college professor or content authority.

As you upload your document, it checks and matches your document with the help of a regularly updated database. This tool marks the unoriginal content and will generate a report of plagiarized content.

It is a paid tool, still, it offers one free trial allowing you to check if the tool matches your expectation. This tool is a more efficient anti-plagiarism software that will check the copied content.

6. Quetext

This is an excellent duplicate content checker because of its coolest feature. You can use its free version where you need to paste your text and get it matched for duplicate content across a database of web pages and others.
This tool not only checks your content against common words but also for contextual plagiarism.

This is an ideal plagiarism checker for students as with t his tool, they can make their essays error-free before submitting.
This is the best tool for plagiarism analysis for students, teachers, freelance writers, and any other content creator.

7. Copyleaks

This is another free plagiarism checker that serves as a great plagiarism detection tool and also a great copyright protection tool. Herewith this tool, you can find all your unintentional copied content in your writing.

This tool will also help you to fight content theft as this will show you where your content is used online.
This tool lets you bulk check up to 100 theses, research submissions, and essays simultaneously. This is a great feature for schools as it saves a lot of time.

This tool can detect plagiarized content in any language. This tool has a vast submitted internal database to help you to cross-check your content.

8. Viper Plagiarism checker

We suggest you this plagiarism tool as an ideal free alternative to the Turnitin plagiarism checker. This tool will show you all the links to plagiarized work thus help you to identify copied writing and can protect your intellectual work.

This is an ideal tool if you look for a cheaper alternative. This is a cheaper alternative to plagiarism analysis tools like WriteCheck and Turnitin. Here you can analyze your unoriginal content from a variety of books, text files, and journals, etc, and many more.


This tool is developed by the combined efforts of computer scientists, professionals, and academicians. With this Best Free Plagiarism Checker, you can check for plagiarized content with books, internet versions, journals, and magazines and will reduce your scope of copying.
It supports multi-language and can check plagiarism in German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

10. WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin

This plagiarism checker tool is recommended to those who run WordPress sites. Those who outsource many contents can have a plagiarism checker plugin.
This tool can check all unoriginal content in your post before going to publish them. This tool can sit in the dashboard and thus provide a good option to bloggers.

So these were some of the best and perfect free plagiarism checker tools. I hope this article helps you. Please do like, share, and comment on the tool you prefer the most.
Thank you

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