Benefits and Money making ideas using Mini ATM

Mini ATM: Mini ATM device also known as micro atm is launched by Services India. Service India is a payment solutions provider and this provided service acts as a mobile point of sale (PoS) terminal, OxiShaan.

The company claims that this device is helpful to people residing in rural areas and allows them to withdraw money from their bank accounts without even visiting any ATM or the bank. Oxigen united with Telepower, China to develop and design a GPRS point of Sale business terminal.

mini atm
Oxigen claims that the device, OxiShaan will feature small mom and pop shops like Kirana stores to begin a customer touchpoint for banking services similar to ATM.

OxiShaan device powered by Oxigen has the feature of a phone, printer, GPRS connectivity, and battery back-up to overcome power failure and will enable to send and receive SMS based transaction even when your GPRS is not ON. This service also supports banked wallets & IMPS and cash-in through IMPS.

This mini ATM has a feature to serve customers with an easy cash withdrawal facility. Just one swipe of their card will provide your customers with cash just similar to ATM.

What is the price of a mini ATM machine or micro ATM machine?

The price for a mini ATM starts from ₹ 5,000/ piece.

How does a mini ATM machine or micro ATM machine work?

To provide this service, customers will need to open a full-service eWallet from State Bank of India known as MobiCash. MobiCash allows services like cash-in/ out, wallet to any bank, peer to peer, and Merchant payments. With the help of this service, customers will get the opportunity to transfer money from any bank to the State Bank of India. They can also withdraw money from the MobiCash accounts.

When any person needs to withdraw money, they can contact any retailer with OxiShaan service and withdraw cash and get a receipt. Along with serving people in rural areas, this service also enables the Government’s payments disbursements plans such as Pensions, NREGA, Subsidies, etc which can be disbursed only via bank accounts.

This device not only featured to function as an ATM device, but OxiShaan can also work as a point of sale device. It can be used for many utility services such as mobile recharges, DTH Recharges, and Merchant Payments.

What transaction service provided by Mini ATM?

With this device, you are allowed for Cash Withdrawl.
This device is also helpful in Balance check/ Enquire.
This device is useful for Mini Statement

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Benefits of Using Mini ATM?

1. Mini ATM service will convert your ordinary shop into an ATM.
2. The Mini ATM device is a portable device.
3. This device is portable and it can be easily set up anywhere in remote areas.
4. This service can be proved as a low-cost alternative for existing ATMs.
5. This equipment is featured to work for any bank.

This device is invented to serve rural people areas for financial inclusion.

How you can earn money using mini ATM?
With this machine, you can sell payment solutions and make money.
With this device, you can manage end-to-end customer service ranges from installation to training.

This will help customers to manage end to end payment operation.
It is a one-stop solution for all daily payment requirements.
With this device, you can build custom payment solutions depending upon client requirements.

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